Issue 3: The Watercolour Edition

January 2018

Penultimate Magazine is a magazine for lettering artists, produced BY lettering artists. Penultimate comes out on a bi-monthly basis and has a new theme each edition - from brush pens, to pointed pens, to watercolour and more. The magazine includes interviews with artists, product recommendations, reviews, how-tos, tips and tricks, insider info, community events and workshops and much, much more!

ISSUE THREE is watercolour themed! In this edition, we take you through all the important things you need to know to get started with watercolour - including paint options, paper options, brush options and how to set up a palette. We sit down with Priscilla Lee of @ByPriscillaLee who tells us all about her transition from calligraphy to watercolour. We also spend 5 minutes with Trupti of @whatacolor_gal whose Misty Pines are taking the internet by storm! Jen helps us brush up on our morning routines to help set us up for creative success, and we feature guest articles from watercolourists on topics like watercolour typography and watercolour on a budget. We review Winsor and Newton professional series watercolour in detail, and share with you our favourite watercolour techniques, tips and tricks. Karin from @ipadlettering even shows us how to make watercolour art on the iPad! We also have some lovey-dovey words under our Challenge pages for you to trace and practise in time for Valentine's Day.

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Is Penultimate a printed magazine?

Nope. Penultimate Magazine is now a fully digital magazine. Issues 1-8 are plain PDF files, but from Issue 9 onward we have more dynamic content in addition to the PDF magazine, such as downloadable files, video interviews, video demos and more! You will not receive a printed magazine.

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For as long as the internet exists!

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Our editor, Emma! [email protected] - Emma will try to help you with your query, however, if it is something technical related, we may have to refer you to Teachable.

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